What Our Nails Reveal About Our Health

There is a part of your body that could reveal your health … Your nails! Whether you have deficiencies or various pathologies, the answer is often on your hands. A dermatologist helps us spot the different signs.

Often abused daily because of pollution, stress, manicures and exposure to toxic products, nails are revealing of your state of health and your nutrition. Their color, the tasks, the streaks, the undulations: so many signs that give a panorama of possible health problems related to the heart, the liver or even the lungs, to see of nutritional deficiencies or a lack of vitamins.

Nails Revealing Health Problems

– Yellow nails are often the result of tobacco consumption or the application of colored varnish without a protective base. Once these benign causes are removed, a dermatologist is consulted to look at fungal infections and fungi if the nail is not infected. Local treatment will then be needed to treat the infected nail. People who follow certain treatments such as chemotherapy may have their nails change colors. Be careful, yellow nails can also be caused by a liver that works poorly.

– White nails may be indicative of anemia or repetitive shocks that repel blood flow. Microtrauma can form small white spots. The expert says, however, that “some white spots like holes in a thimble are indicative of psoriasis or an inflammatory disease such as eczema .

– Black nails should be closely watched. Apart from the hematomas that appear as a result of a shock or pinching, the appearance of a black spot or a black band on the nail may be a malignant melanoma . A tumor that needs to be treated as quickly as possible and “heals like skin cancer. It is necessary to be vigilant because even if it is less widespread, it can be dangerous ” , tells the expert.

– Purplish or blue nails are not caused by hematomas. They actually reveal a circulatory problem. “It often affects people who have Raynaud’s disease , ” says the dermatologist. It is a sign that the blood circulation is bad and that it is necessary to warm the fingers and to take drugs in order to open the blood vessels.

– The red nails do not reveal good health, these being naturally pink. Red spots, on the other hand, may be signs of heart , lung or kidney disease. If the skin around the nails seems swollen and red, this disorder is called inflammation of the dermis fold which indicates an infection that can be treated locally.

– Domed nails can be hereditary and harmless. However, if they develop suddenly, they may be a sign of a lack of oxygen in the blood that can lead to various lung or heart diseases. Spoon nails, which are deep in the center, indicate hypothyroidism or heart disease.

Nails Revealing Deficiencies

Beyond the color change or the appearance of tasks that can reveal health problems, the nails can make you react on possible deficiencies. For example, weakened and streaked nails are equated with a lack of iron, while horizontal white lines indicate a lack of protein. Vertical crevices may indicate vitamin B12 or magnesium deficiency. Streaks may also be due to a hormonal change such as the onset of menopause or dehydration of the nails. “You have to realize that if you hydrate your hands with creams you must also moisturize your nails because they suffer from several external factors”, recalls the author. The nails with hollow and horizontal lines are a sign of food deficiency but also of diabetes.